Novel Writing

Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem
1 min readDec 20, 2022


Novel writing is an art. It’s the drawing of words with feeling and deep emotions. But your plot is more important. In order to write a novel first think about what motivates you to write. If you understand your motivation behind it, you can easily pick your best-selling genre.

How can you write romance when you only think of horror? Your vocabulary and sentence structure depends on your thoughts. If you get a lot of horror ideas in your mind, then it is easy for you to create a fantastic scene in the horror genre. But if you’re not getting the strong ideas and scenes in romance fiction then you are not going to write well in that genre.

I give a few novel writing tips that might be helpful for you if you are an indie author.

  1. Work on your thoughts.
  2. Work on the sentence structure of your thoughts.
  3. Look for the genre that matches 90% of your thoughts.
  4. Look at which type of vocabulary you need for your genre.

Although there are a number of tips that can help you in becoming a bestselling author, for now, these four tips are going to help you in your initials.