Constructing the Character of a story

Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem
1 min readDec 31, 2022


Characters are the most important part of any story. If the characters are amazing, then they keep readers focused on the book. If the character is bad people may lose interest in the book itself.

Image showing a knight in a fantasy dragon story

The characters are those people around which the entire story revolves. When writing a story think about what the characters will look like what will be the qualities of the characters and their powers and weaknesses.

Let’s understand it with the image above.

In the above story, the main character is a knight, who is going to kill a dragon flying over a castle. Our knight in this story must be brave, powerful, trained, and active these are some of the qualities of the knight. Now if there is any romance in the story then according to the story decide the beauty of the knight and his other qualities as well.

If the same knight is the villain in the story then decide its villain attributes like how many massacres he did or how cruel he is etc.

Once the qualities of the characters are decided writing the story will be much easier.