Bluetooth Technology

Sheikh Muhammad Ibraheem
3 min readAug 13, 2022


What is Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth is a small wireless data transferring technology usually found in phones, computers, camera and etc. This technology can send or receive signals within 10m of area. The signal is transferred using UHF (ultra-high frequency) with the speed of 2.4 GHz.

How Bluetooth works?

For a Bluetooth to work there must be a signal transmitter or receiver within the electronic device such a phones, computers, cameras etc. To send or receive data from one device to another both the transmitting and receiving devices must these following things in common.

1. They must be within the range of 10m

2. They must have Bluetooth chip along with upgraded software

3. The software of one device must allow the Bluetooth on the other device

If the both devices are quite close to each other the signal strength will be at maximum


Nowadays the technology has evolved so much. Those days are gone when people have to sort out wires and are always in effort to maintain them. People are now becoming bore of using the ugly wires and have to do a tedious work to maintain them. People now want thing to go wireless. Within the past a few years companies in different countries are working on bringing technology to wireless. This includes.

1. Wireless Speakers.

2. Wireless Headphone.

3. Wireless controlled switches And etc

The Bluetooth technology has brought this wireless data transferring technology to life. Now whether you are in a home or an office you can do the work just by sitting on your chair.

@ Homes

Bluetooth technology can be used to automate dish washers, cleaners, washing machines and much more

@ Offices. In offices this technology can be used to print out papers from the computers without connecting it to the computer. Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, speakers, printer can reduce the ugly appearance of an office due to junction of wire into decent and pleasant looking office without wires.


There are a lot of projects that can be designed using Bluetooth technology. These projects may or may not includes micro processors or micro controllers. Some of the projects are given below

1. Bluetooth based home automation system: This kind of system may use a microcontroller along with Bluetooth to control the windows shutter doors are other things in the house wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth.

2. Home security system: This kind of system can used as small security alarm to protect and alert the house persons about the abnormal conditions

3. Gaming Consoles: lot of people are fans of video games and every year thousand of gaming consoles are sold. These gaming consoles have a game controller usually it is wired. But nowadays it is made wireless due to the Bluetooth technology so that a gamer can enjoy playing games

4. Car Stereo System: A car stereo system having Bluetooth can easily connect with any music device without the aid of a wire and without disturbing the driver while driving a car.

5. Automobile Control System: With the technology cars and vehicles are becoming more and more advances. Some recent car manufacturing companies have takes wireless technology so seriously that the driver can operate the car or vehicle wirelessly using a modern car key or car remote. These manufacturing companies includes Tesla, Volo, Rolls Royce Toyota and etc